The Aircraft Completions industry:

The aircraft completions industry is a niche small yet diverse industry. For years dominated by northern European and North America based completion centres, the dynamic is slowly changing with the opening of new centres in the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

Completion demand:

Since 2006 demand for corporate and VIP aircraft completions demand has been on the up. Hampered somewhat by the global financial crisis where completion centres around the world completed projects – which can last anywhere from one to three years or more depending on the aircraft size and complexity of the completion. Thus with a combination of emerging from the global financial crisis and the prospect of new wide-body aircraft deliveries demand for completion slots worldwide levelled.

Today the aircraft completions industry is strong and healthy, the main players [completion centres] have responded to an increased demand for aircraft completions by increasing the volume of sequential aircraft in completion at one time where capacity allows with data suggesting a strong decade or more to come.


Technology is another area that continues to develop at a strong rate; aircraft manufacturers are integrating increased volumes of modern materials such as carbon composites in the aircraft structures, whilst vendors of aircraft interior equipment are responding by providing increased options for interior selection.

The choices for interior furnishing and technology for VIP cabins grows as vendors aim to meet the demanding requirements of customers for customised VIP aircraft interiors. This adds to the complexity of a completion centre to manage an aircraft completion from design engineering through to delivery completion; new materials and engineering demands and the integration of new technologies such as HD media.


In the large airliner category the industry in both commercial and private aviation is between two major OEM’s of Airbus and Boeing.


Airbus aircraft are manufactured in Europe under the EADS Group with major plants in France, Germany, Spain and the UK. Additional manufacturing takes place in China and though the supply base in various other countries around the world. The headquartesr for Airbus Corporate Jets is in Tolouse, South West France. Aircraft models are comprehensive in choice in both narrow and wide-body options; from the A318 through to the A340, A350 XWB and the A380 [although to-date no-one around the world has attempted to completed an A380].


Boeing Business Jets is the private and corporate aviation division of Boeing Corporation. Boeing Business Jets (also referred to as BBJ) are based in Seattle, USA with major production facilities in Everett and Renton in Washington and manufacturing in South Carolina. Boeings BBJ aircraft range from the 737 BBJ and Max single-aisle variants through to wide body 777 and 787 , and the intercontinental 747-8.

Medium sized corporate jets

In the medium sized corporate jet category aircraft are offered from major OEM; such as Gulfstream, Dassault, Embraer and Bombardier. These OEM’s offer in-house completion with interior options to select from, or you can as in the case of the airliner narrow and wide-body jets have your own custom interior designed and outfitted by either the OEM [where they offer this] or an independent completion centre.


When buying a used aircraft; either previously a commercial aircraft or owned privately by a previous owner many buyers opt to have either a semi upgrade refurbishment or complete interior refurbishment – this work is often conducted in conjunction with line maintenance of the aircraft.


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