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Looking to procure a custom wide or narrow body jet? or a perhaps custom business or private jet interior? its all here…

Aircraft Completion Centers:

Aircraft Completion centers design, manufacture and install your aircraft interior and exterior. They take delivery of your aircraft from the aircraft manufacture and ‘complete’ the aircraft for delivery to the client.

Completion centers are awarded type certification from aircraft manufacturers and aviation authorities to be licensed and approved to work on that aircraft type.

To help look for a completion center, I have listed all the major aircraft completion centers here: Aircraft completion centers

Aircraft Interior Designers:

To personalize the interior and exterior of your VIP private jet or business jet, you will need the services of a specialist designer.

You can find such designers by clicking the following link where you can look for designers by location and view their portfolio pages.

List of VIP aircraft interior designers: Private Jet and Business Jet Interior Designers

Completion Guides:

To help clients and visitors to this site with the process of VIP aircraft completion, I have provided a series of short guides which explain this and some of the steps involved.

You will also find an overview of the complete process; I hope you find these helpful.

The process applies to VVIP, Head-of-State, and VIP private and business jets.

VIP Aircraft Completions Guides


I have kept the existing links.

VIP Aircraft completions guide for buyers:

  Why the term completions?

  The aircraft completions industry

  Aircraft completions buyers guide

  Selecting a designer


If you need any further help, please feel free to drop me a line by using the contact form, or via my project management consultancy VIP Completions.

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