ST Engineering incorporate AERIA Luxury Interiors

Formalities have taken place at Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd (ST Engineering) to incorporate AERIA Luxury Interiors, LLC (AERIA) by VT San Antonio Aerospace, Inc. (VT SAA) into its aerospace sector’s VIP completion and refurbishment business division based in San Antonio, US, with a paid-up capital of US$1 according to announcements.

As an incorporated company, AERIA will tailor its processes to be focused on the completion business, thereby aiming to increase its competitiveness in the aircraft completions marketplace.


Integration also paves the way for AERIA to begin to operate under its own Part 145 Repair Station certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) instead of operating under parent company VT San Antonio Aerospace certificate.

AERIA remains a part of VT SAA’s facility and the ST Aerospace global network and it will continue to leverage and benefit from the synergy in operations and marketing.

AERIA Luxury Interiors specialises in the completion and refurbishment of both Airbus and Boeing jets based in San Antonio, Texas.

The company recently completed a 14,000 sqft expansion of its facilities and includes a new cabinet and upholstery shop as well as an additional building for the design, sales and marketing teams complete with a design showroom for an improved customer experience.

The VIP completion and refurbishment business has been building a successful track record since 2012 based on its strong in-house design and outfitting expertise, and completed over 20 various projects including interior refurbishments, heavy maintenance and avionic upgrades for VIP aircraft.

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