JETNET releases new business aviation services at EBACE 2017


JETNET, the business aviation intelligence services company has released a number of new products and services announced during the first day of EBACE 2017.

The releases include JETNET Aerodex Elite – a new product that combines owner and operator data with the FAA’s Traffic Flow Management System in near real time; JETNET Aerodex mobile; and JETNET Values:

Aerodex Elite

Aerodex Elite is a new JETNET product that combines a strong owner/operator database with a new application to manage the FAA’s Traffic Flow Management System (TFMS) in near real time. The product includes live access to current and historical utilization reports at the aircraft serial number level, for customers and prospects on the ground and in the air. Subscribers can investigate and understand the activities of aircraft within the FAA airspace, and the airports and companies that charter, manage, operate, refuel, and service these assets. Clients also receive detailed current and historical analysis and summaries by individual aircraft, or fleets across operator(s), airport(s), and management companies, with fuel uplift details and more.

Aerodex Mobile

JETNET’s popular Aerodex service has now been implemented as a mobile platform and made available to subscribers of Aerodex Elite and standard Aerodex. This mobile platform version makes vital data available on a handheld device. The service is a version of Aerodex and Aerodex Elite tailored specifically for FBOs, MROs, and other service providers who need accurate and timely information on aircraft owners and operators worldwide. Clients now have access to the full capability through any mobile device.


INTEL (Intelligence) is JETNET’s new shortcut tool, providing one-click access to comprehensive single-page summaries about utilization, and extensive portfolio data on each aircraft, company, operator, airport, and more. Available to all Evolution Marketplace and Aerodex Elite customers, INTEL maximizes search effectiveness, especially for LIVE subscribers. INTEL pulls together and presents data accurately, easily, and with customized exporting capabilities.

When a company details page is displayed, an additional INTEL menu will appear for companies that have additional intelligence to be displayed. When an aircraft details page is displayed, an additional INTEL menu may appear for aircraft that have additional intelligence to be displayed. A Utilization option on the INTEL menu will summarize utilization for an airport, aircraft, company, or operator. Intel is already allowing customers to see how Utilization views can better inform their understanding of aircraft workloads by individual airframe, or by fleet.

Visit the JETNET site here: JETNET

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