Mahler Design

Mahler Industrial Design
Hilgendorfweg 11
22587 Hamburg

0049-40-870 077 09

Email: [email protected]


Mahler Industrial Design is a European design practise, based in Hamburg, and accustomed to handle international needs. Mahler Industrial Design develops and designs interiors for air transport systems including VIP, corporate and airline series interiors.

For more than 40 years Heiko R. Mahler’s expertise lies in the field of aircraft interiors and industrial design, presenting outstanding design proposals which are based on his principal objectives in designing aircraft interiors.

Following fourteen years as the manager of MBB’s (today Airbus) Industrial Design and Technology Department in Hamburg, and thus responsible for the aesthetics and the functionality of the Airbusinteriors, Mahler opened his own design studio in 1983.



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