Sixth Boeing 747-8 Aeroloft contract for Greenpoint


Greenpoint Technologies has signed its sixth Boeing 747-8 Aeroloft contract with an undisclosed client.

The Aeroloft was designed by Greenpoint for the Boeing 747-8 to provide a customizable stairway leading to private sleeping suites above the main deck between doors 4 and 5 of the 747-8. The solution provides a private area away from the main cabin during flight.

“The Aeroloft is a wonderful example of Greenpoint’s focus on innovation and creative interior solutions,” commented Bret Neely, executive vice president at Greenpoint.

“Following years of development, production, installations and testing, the Aeroloft truly is an efficient use of space on any 747-8 aircraft. It is an excellent example of Greenpoint’s collaboration with an OEM to design and manufacture a unique interior solution for our joint clientele.”


Greenpoint Aeroloft Video

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