EASA certifies AviationGlass products


EASA certified AeroGlass mirrors and transparencies provided by AviationGlass & Technology (AGT) can now be installed as minor modifications, without any need for additional certification or STCs following EASA’s certification specification amendments for large aircraft which include AeroGlass mirrors and transparencies.

The certification and AMC for replacing transparent glass parts and lavatory mirrors is also applicable in the United States due to the bilateral aviation safety agreement between EASA and the FAA.

Aerospace engineering consulting services firm ADSE represented AGT during the project.

According to Ron van Baaren, managing director at ADSE, AGT offers the only certified lightweight and ultra-thin glass product for aircraft interiors in the world. It has played an important role in this breakthrough, allowing the easy reintroduction of glass in the cabin.

According to John Rietveldt, CEO at AGT, the new rule is a major milestone for the industry’s shift to lightweight glass in private and commercial planes as it does away with the lengthy waiting periods and high costs that were associated with the certification of glass as a substitute for polycarbonate products.

Now, private jet owners and airlines can easily replace their cloudy and scratched plastic products with beautifully colored, crystal clear, shaped AeroGlass creations.

AviationGlass & Technology (AGT) says that its AeroGlass products are up to 25 percent lighter and 50 percent thinner than their polycarbonate counterparts and they are also scratch- and UV-resistant.

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