BBJ-1 interior by Winch Design is a flying home


The owner of Winch Design’s newest project wanted to create a flying home in a BBJ-1 for himself and his family. He wanted roomy private spaces and lots of options for entertaining business guests during flights during long flights. 

The final design results in a jet interior can accommodate as many as 19 passengers.  

The main lounge area includes a stowable dining table with seating for five. Another casual seating area can accommodate four people by the bar. Fold-away buffet counters provide additional flexibility for entertaining guests.

An electro-dimmable sliding-glass door aft of the lounge area offers a blurry glimpse into the owner’s private zone, where there is an office area that can also serve as a haven for guests and family members.

There are oversized leather sofas and plenty of entertainment options. The lounge can also be rearranged to provide two comfy double beds for guests. 

The buttery cream leathers are complemented by silver-flecked dark veneer with accents that use exotic shell materials, mother-of-pearl fittings, hand-stitched motifs and curated art selections.  

The aft cabin features a full master-suite bedroom with a bath and a 64-inch TV. The design is meant to offer the comforts of home while flying around the world. 

The BBJ-1 can fly nonstop for 7,100 miles at speeds of up to 540 mph. The cost of the private jet with the custom cabin is around $90 million. Winch Design is a yacht design house based in London. 

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