GDC Technics complete Boeing 787


GDC Technics has completed its first VVIP BBJ 787-8, complete with an interior the company report as 20% lighter than industry estimates thanks to its sophisticated VVIP head-of-state cabin that integrates cutting edge technologies along with state of the art materials and engineering solutions.

For a much quiter flight the cabin has a Sound Interference Level (SIL) of 52dB using state of the art materials.

Along with a quieter cabin, additional humidification is provided for a better passenger experience during long haul flights.

The B787 is complete with live television capabilities, a first for any VVIP B787; and is equipped with the folllowing technology: an ARINC 791 Ka-Band Antenna (an industry first on a VVIP B787), Iridium Antenna, SATCOM Antenna-R, forward-looking camera, therapeutic O2 discharge port, quad camera, downward zoom camera, tail fin camera, and Satellite TV antenna.

“The interior weight of our BBJ 787 was 20% lighter than industry estimates, providing our clients with an operational advantage and fuel savings throughout the life of their aircraft.” – says Mohammed Alzeer, General Partner of GDC Technics.

“This Boeing 787 project is a testimony to the success of our strategy focusing on developing new, innovative, engineering and production techniques. We want to ensure that the cabins we engineer and build match the next generation airplanes we install them in.”

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