Aeria to complete a BBJ 737-700

The completions specialists Aeria Luxury Interiors has contracted its third BBJ completion program.

The BBJ 737-700 will be designed and completed by Aeria and is due to arrive at the facility in San Antonio, Texas, in the first quarter of 2018.

The luxury aircraft will feature a VIP interior including a stateroom featuring IFE with 4K monitors, wood and luxurious fabrics, gold plating – along with showers, crew and passenger galleys, an office/meeting room, seating and crew rest area for staff.

Ron Soret, the Vice President and General Manager of completions at Aeria has stated: “Aeria has established a successful track record in VIP completion over the years given our attention to details and dedication to quality, and we will continue to build on it to become a leading service provider in this market.”

“We are honored to earn the trust from a customer who had originally come to us for maintenance work, and secure this VIP completion contract from them,” said Ron Soret, vice president and general manager of completions at Aeria.


Boeing BBJ1 737-700


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