King Aerospace install Gogo 4G system in a VIP Boeing Business Jet

King Aerospace Commercial Corporation have installed a satcom system from Gogo in a VIP Boeing Business Jet (BBJ).

At the same time as the satcom upgrade the company additonally carried out a C-check on the BBJ.

Following this install the company is engaged in discussions to provide the same Gogo 4G wi-fi upgrade, along with simultaneous heavy maintenance requirements, with additional prospective customers in 2018.

The aim for King Aerospace is to specialize in the Boeing 737 series.

Roy Lischinsky, vice president of operations at King Aerospace: “We are very pleased to have the continued opportunity to serve our VIP BBJ and Part 121 operators,” he said.

“We have worked hard to earn their trust and will continue to do so on any future projects.”

About Gogo 4G satcom

The Gogo 4G satcom system provides passengers a dramatically better experience through delivery of higher data transfer rates than systems of just a few years ago – meaning web pages will download more quickly and emails with large file attachments will send in a similar timeframe to a home or office.

The installed network provides greater capacity to handle traffic volume and bandwidth usage more easily, passengers will notice the difference streaming video content – offering a better inflight experience for higher-bandwidth activities like streaming video so you can watch your favorite TV shows or live face-to-face conversations such as via Skype.

Streaming your favorite playlist through services such as Pandora or Spotify can also consume larger volumes of data. But, with the greater capabilities of modern system such as Gogo Biz 4G, streaming your favorite playlist won’t slow the network.

Modern systems such as Gogo Biz 4G provides passengers a better overall experience. Whether it’s sending or receiving emails with file attachments, connecting to a corporate VPN, or making phone calls or sending texts  – using your own smartphone and number.

The Gogo AVANCE L5 product provides access to a modern state of the art inflight entertainment (IFE) system, Gogo Vision, with the latest Hollywood blockbusters, TV series, moving maps, news clips and weather.

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