Aircraft Completions News brings you news of the latest private and business jet VIP aircraft completions from around the world.

In addition aircraft completion provides you with information and resources to buyers of new VVIP, private and business jets; as well as suppliers, completion centers, designers, companies, media and industry professionals.

For buyers; if you are considering a jet interior completion you will find a list of useful resources; including buyers guides and show dates listed within the ‘resources’ section.

Many people in the in the industry use this site to keep updated on the latest projects and supplier launches; you will find a useful list of suppliers, designers and completion centers.

I hope Aircraft Completion News provides you tinely informative news and the inspiration in the design and purchase of Head of State, business and private jet interiors.


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Meet the editor Michael Wilson:

Michael J. WilsonWelcome to Aircraft Completions News for the private and business aviation industry. My name is Michael Wilson, I want to welcome you to this site, the go-to resource for the VIP aircraft completions industry.

I started this blog as this industry became my passion. As an engineer and project manager together with my passion for design excellence I became fascinated with aircraft completions; and process from start to finish to deliver a completed aircraft.

As a project manager and project controls consultant, I consult from one day to an entire project to support the aircraft completions process; supporting owner representatives, designers, completions centers and entities in-between to create successful partnerships and deliver a successfully completed aircraft to the client.

Of course there are other experts and entities involved, but my belief is a project is only as successful as the team, and so everyone and everything needs to be in sync, available in-time and be the best it can be.

I am though a pragmatist, and know that with the best plans in the world, events happen that require innervation to resolve as quickly and professionally as possible; again a good team helps solve challenges.

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Michael Wilson

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