A Guide to VIP Aircraft Completion

Aircraft Completion can be quite complex at times, and so to help I have written a series of guides to help clients and visitors with the steps and process involved in completing a VIP jet aircraft.

The following series of short guides explain the steps involved, you will also find an overview of the complete process; I hope you find these helpful.

The process explained applies to VVIP, Head-of-State, and VIP private and business jets.

The guides are organized to follow the lifecycle of VIP aircraft completion, starting with an overview to the complete process and following a series of educational and advisory guides for buyers.

Note: These new guides will go live by the end of July



Why the term Completions?

Aircraft Completions – An Overview

Interior design

Selecting an aircraft

Finding a designer

Completion Centers

Completion center audit and selection

Engineering design study

Completion center contracts

Managing your completion

Readying for delivery

Delivery acceptance


Category guides

A guide to in-flight entertainment (IFE)

A guide to divans and seating

A guide to VIP galleys


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